Dynamic Woman: Amanda Martrice Is Helping Women Master Success

Amanda Martrice + Paid and Pretty Chic + Owner
Amanda Martrice + Paid and Pretty Chic + Owner
Amanda Martrice, Founder of Paid and Pretty Chic

Amanda Martrice, women’s success educator, mom, and the founder of Paid and Pretty Chic, a lifestyle brand is dedicated to helping women master success.

As Vice President of one of the largest women empowerment brands, Martrice has impacted and inspired thousands of women to elevate their lifestyles and monetize their influence by leveraging social media.

In 2014, Martrice began sharing her weight loss journey online and has inspired a tribe of millennial women to do the same. Martrice says, “I had just had my daughter, working a dead-end job, struggling to find a baby sitter and was tired of being sick and tired. I needed to drop a few pounds and make some extra cash.”

Amanda Martrice, Founder of Paid and Pretty Chic

Martrice believes that the rules and conditions that are taught, are created to serve as limitations. She says, “I created a trailblazer brand that guides women to set their own standards and societal norms.”

We asked Martrice what has been the most challenging part of her entrepreneurial journey and she says, “It’s keeping momentum.” She pointed out that as a mom you’re the teacher, cook, housekeeper, mom, business woman, and coach. Martrice says, “Showing up for my business every day regardless of what’s going on in the world. We have to keep going no matter what life throws at us.”

In 2020, Martrice was awarded Top Entrepreneur in Yahoo Finance. Her passion for helping women create and sustain 6-figure businesses is what drives her to keep innovating and speaking success over others.

For our mom readers, we asked Martrice if she could hire help with cooking, cleaning, or yard work, which would it be, and she says, “All of the above. Our womanhood is not defined by the heavy loads we carry or how much we can bare.” She encourages readers to outsource their loads.

Amanda Martrice + Black Woman In Business + Paid And Pretty Chic
Amanda Martrice, Founder of Paid and Pretty Chic

Martrice is currently working on the rollout of her “Rich Chick Summer” program, which is designed help women shift their mindset, improve their physical health and increase their bank accounts. Dates for enrollment will be announced at a later date.

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Dynamic Woman: Dajah Spence Creates Formula To Assist With Chronic Acne

Dajah Spence + Life Of Cosmetics Owner + Herbalist + Skin Care Formulator
Dajah Spence + Life Of Cosmetics Owner + Herbalist + Skin Care Formulator
Dajah Spence, CEO of Life Of Cosmetics

Dajah Spence, CEO, Herbalist and new mom of 1, has created a skincare formula to assist with chronic acne.

Spence has a history of suffering from chronic acne and rosacea. According to Spence, most women share a pattern of skin care concerns as it is directly related to their reproductive health. Inspired by her own journey, Spence aimed to create a solution to heal acne through a tested formula.

In 2020, Spence developed a formula under her Life of Cosmetics brand, and has begun educating women on skincare, health, and reproductive health.

“Most of my clients have experienced fibroids and endometriosis.” Spence said. “It was important for me to address the root of the problem as opposed to addressing the symptoms.

Spence believes that as women increase their knowledge on reproductive health and focus on cleansing their uterus, their skincare and overall skin health will improve. Importing natural herbs and creams from Jamaica has been the beacon of Spence’s Life of Cosmetics brand.

We asked Spence how has being a mother impacted her her in business and she says, “Being a mother truly woke me up to my purpose. Having an unassisted home birth with very few options for black midwives and doulas in the Las Vegas area led me here.”

For our mom readers, we asked Spence If she could hire someone to help with cooking, cleaning or yardwork, which would it be, she said would rather have someone assisting with caring for her 7-month-old daughter while she focuses on formulating more skincare remedies and herbal teas.

On Mother’s Day, Spence is opening her Vaginal steam shop in Las Vegas, 5 minutes away from the strip. Products such as skincare creams, herbal teas, sea moss, refreshments, and postpartum consultations will be available at her first-of-many locations.

Dajah Spence, Herbalist

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Dynamic Woman: Alexys Small Re-Launches Clothing Line For Toddlers

Alexys Small + Youtuber + Small Tots Clothing CEO + Mom of 2
Alexys Small + Youtuber + Small Tots Clothing CEO + Mom of 2
Alexys Small, CEO of Small Tots Clothing Co.

Alexys Small, Content Creator, Business Owner and mom of 2, relaunches her clothing line, Small Tots.

Small launched Small Tots in 2021 after having a difficult time finding cute and affordable clothing for her 4-year-old, Addison. Two-piece sets, age-appropriate styles and accessories have been a staple to the Small Tots brand.

in 2021, Small Tots launched serving girls ages newborn – 7 years old. Now, the brand is relaunching this Mother’s Day, May 8, 2022, with more gender neutral pieces.

Alexys Small + CEO Small Tots + Clothing brand owner + Mom of 2 + Youtuber + Black Mom in Business

Small says, “the best moment about my business so far is picking up and restarting it again. I took a long much needed break after a slow season, but I decided to restart and release new items this upcoming Mother’s Day, despite being a new mom of 2.”

We asked Small how has being a mother impacted her in business and she says, “Being a mom in business has inspired me to never give up and to keep going and show my children that it’s possible to be your own boss and successful.”

Inspired by her children, Small is setting out to do just that.

For our mom readers, we asked Small if she could hire help would it be with cooking, cleaning or yard work and she says, “definitely with cleaning. I know having kids, it’s okay for your house to look like kids live there, but I do love a good, clutter-free house. An added bonus is laundry being done and put away.”

Alexys Small + Small Tots CEO + Toddler Clothing Brand + Mom of 2

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Attorney Ticora Davis Merited The 11th Fastest Growing Law Firm In The US

Attorney Ticora Davis + The Creator's Lawfirm
Ticora Davis + Trademark Attorney + Black Woman + The Creators Law firm
Founding Attorney Ticora Davis, The Creators Law firm

Ticora Davis, Attorney and mom of 2, is revolutionizing the work culture for women by creating a global model for work-life blend and team building.

Attorney Davis is founder of the Creator’s Law firm, where it’s woman-owned and woman-powered staff merited the distinction of being the 11th fastest growing law firm in the United States from Law Firm 500 and has served thousands of clients successfully.

Attorney Davis pinned a quote from Abraham Lincoln, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” And she is determined to do just that. With a pen and legal pad in hand, Attorney Davis dreamt of being the most sought after trademark and business lawyer. She imagined serving who she calls the “top entrepreneurial titans and most daring business underdogs.”

Attorney Davis says, “One of the things I’ve learned is that dreams need to be protected and not just shielded from the naysayers and doubters, but covered enough so that you have the freedom and protection to design your destiny without fear.”

We asked Attorney Davis what gaps have she noticed in the industry that she helps to fill, and she said, the reason she does her work today is because every dream deserves a chance to be born. “It’s hard to think creating with freedom when you have a legal target on your business’s back.”

Staff + The Creator's Law Firm + Ticora Davis
Staff, The Creator’s Law Firm

Attorney Davis received Beyonce’s Beygood Grant in 2020. She believes that being both flexible and rigid along this entrepreneurial journey with both employees and clients, have awarded her with being the 11th fastest growing Law firm in the US in 2021.

The hunger and fire for success intensified once her children were born. Attorney Davis says, their presence has elevated her empathy and tenacity and creativity. She added, “Becoming a mother empowered me to remember that above all, I will and will always be Ticora. I matter and cannot lose myself in work or motherhood, but must endeavor to balance work with play and dedication with rest.”

For our mom readers, We asked Attorney Davis if given the option to hire help with cooking, cleaning or yardwork, which would it be, and she says she receives support from “amazing professionals like chef’s, meal prep companies, baby sitters, professional house cleaners, landscapers, beauty professionals and consultants. It’s important for me to lean into my zone of genius and trust others with theirs.” She notes that hiring help is a form of self-care to her.

Attorney Davis says her new clients can expect to see a new website in May 2022, and heightened customer experience with custom welcome boxes.

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Twin Mom Mykel B Davis Launches News/Media Publication For Women

Mykel B Davis + Fitness Trainer + Designer + Journalist + Black Woman

Mykel B Davis, CEO and Founder of Muscle Up Mommy, Inc., a fitness and wellness brand for women, has launched it’s first-ever news and media publication.

Mykel B Davis + Fitness Trainer + Designer + Journalist + Black Woman
Mykel B Davis, CEO of Muscle Up Mommy, Inc.

For nearly a decade, Davis has been known for serving as a fitness industry professional, helping women all-around-the-world renew their confidence, mental health, and reach their fitness goals after child-birth.

online workouts + Zoom class + Mykel B Davis + Muscle Up Mommy
Zoom Class [Mykel B Davis]

Through her online fitness-therapy sessions and in-person group classes, Davis has curated a community of dedicated women, known as the “fit fam,” where support, friendship and connections are made and strengthened.

In 2018, Davis announced the arrival of Muscle Up Mommy® waist belts and supportive garments. She designed each belt tailored to help women at each stage of motherhood from pregnancy to postpartum.

In August 2020, during the global pandemic, Davis launched her very own athleisure line, which featured a number of tummy-control styles in sizes XS-3XL.

After selling nearly $150,000 worth of sets by year-end of the launch, she began testing new designs to widen the support of it’s audience. New styles are expected to be released later this year.

When asked what’s next, Davis stated, “I want to help Muscle Up Mommy’s fit fam in a new way–a bigger way.”

“There’s so many women who have yet to cross personal mental barriers before they can even commit to fitness-therapy/group training sessions. That’s an indicator that there’s much more work to be done. I’ve silently launched our news/media site and the articles and featured stories alike will meet readers where they are and help them to create a life of ease.” Davis said.

She went on to include, “We are bringing our audience the latest news and entertainment in all areas of womanhood: health + wellness, fashion + beauty, home + decor, parenting and more. “

Inspired by her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism earned from Bowling Green State University in 2013 and her love for creating digital content, Davis is excited to announce her retirement as a fitness trainer and share this full circle moment in her multimedia journey.

Mykel B Davis + Journalist + Muscle Up Mommy Owner + News/Media
  • For press and partnership opportunities, contact Press@muscleupmommy.com.
  • For submission inquires, contact submissions@muscleupmommy.com.
  • To shop Muscle Up Mommy® visit www.MuscleUpMommy.com.

Tennessee Passes Bill Requiring Drunk Drivers To Pay Child Support If Parent Dies In Auto-Accident

Dui + Drunk Driver + Auto Accident +
Dui + Drunk Driver + Auto Accident +

A Tennessee bill, known as “Bentley’s Law”, requiring drunk drivers to pay child support if parent of a minor dies passes unanimously in the state’s senate.

According to WREG news, The House Bill 1834 has already passed unanimously in the House and any person convicted of vehicular homicide or aggravated vehicular homicide due to intoxication would be required to pay child support. All allocated monies would be paid to the child of the parent killed in the accident.

According to the House Bill 1834, any convicted person would have up to one year, if incarcerated, to begin payment and would continue until the child is 18 years of age. Otherwise, payment would begin as early as the conviction date determined by the court.

The Bill also states that costs for child support would be determined by the court and would include consideration of necessary expenses such as: any financial resources needed to maintain standard of living for child, the surving parent or legal gaurdian, as well as any financial resources the child may need.

According to Fox News 10, if the bill is passed into law, it would honor Missouri Grandmother who aimed to seek financial restitution from a DUI offender, after her son, Cordell Williams, 30, his fiance, Lacey Newton, 25, and their 4-month-old son, Cordell II, were all killed in a DUI crash in April 2021; also causing two children, 5-year-old Bentley and 3-year-old Mason to be orphaned.

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