Two Preschool Teachers Arrested After Child Cruelty Caught On Camera

Roswell Preschool teachers suspended for child cruelty caught on camera

A parent caught alleged child abuse on camera while monitoring two Roswell, Georgia Preschool teachers, police said.

Screenshot of Video Footage of Alleged Abuse From School Teacher [Provided by Roswell Police Department]

Two Georgia preschool teachers have been arrested this week for child cruelty that was caught on the classroom’s livestream, police say.

Zeina Alostwani, 40, and Soriana Briceno, former teachers at Parker-Chase Preschool in Roswell, were arrested and charged Monday with first-degree child cruelty, Roswell police said in a statement.

“That parent reported logging onto the camera system and seeing concerning physical contact between Alostwani and Briceno against several children in the classroom,” police said.

The video shows one teacher standing and pushing a child sitting on the floor, in a forward motion with her knee, kneeing them in the back. It also shows the teacher stepping on a child’s hand. The other teacher was kneeling down with her face directly in front of the student, talking and moving her hand near the child’s face and poking them with her finger.

A company that oversees the preschool, Endeavor Schools, released a statement saying both teachers had been suspended.

“We were shocked and disappointed to learn that… teachers in the Parker-Chase Pre-Primary B classroom used inappropriate disciplinary actions with children,” the statement said. “The teachers in question were immediately removed from the classroom and have been dismissed. We reported this matter to our licensing agency and Children’s Protective Services and are cooperating fully with the authorities, who have informed us that criminal charges are being pursued. While we are extremely grateful that the children are well, we take this matter seriously, and our investigation is ongoing. We expect our staff to adhere to the highest standards of care, and any failure to do so will not be tolerated.”

This investigation is still on-going.

At Least 15 Are Dead After A Texas Elementary School Shooting

mass shooting + Robb Elementary School + San Antonio Texas + Gun Laws

A deadly mass school shooting happened in Uvalde, Texas, this afternoon, 80 miles west of San Antonio.

Police outside Robb Elementary School following Mass Shooting on Tuesday May 24, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. [Dario Lopez-Mills/AP]

At least 14 students and one teacher have been killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas just outside of San Antonio.

Governor Greg Abbott told reporters that he learned that the gunman had “shot and killed 14 students and a teacher.”

The gunman, 18 year-old male, identified as Salvador Ramos entered the elementary school with a handgun, possibly a rifle, and opened fire, Abbott said. The shooter is now dead.

Abbott reported that the shooter was likely killed by gunshots from responding officers, but that information was still being investigated.

The school district said “parents should pick up students at the regular dismissal times at the child’s campus. Officers will be on site to escort students to the cars.”

This horrific event happened just a couple weeks after the mass shooting at Topps supermarket in Buffalo, New York. The events are not reported to be related, though both very tragic and unfortunate events.

This story is still developing. Check back for updates.

10 Dead In Mass Shooting At Buffalo, New York Supermarket In Alleged Hate Crime

mass shooting + Tops Supermarket + Buffalo New York

10 dead in mass shooting at supermarket in Buffalo, New York. Suspect, 18, in police custody, officials said.

A crowd gathering outside the supermarket where several people were shot and killed in shooting, Saturday, May 14, 2022 in Buffalo, New York. (Derek Gee/The Buffalo News via AP)

At least 10 people are confirmed dead and another 3 injured following a mass shooting at supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

The shooting is said to be racially motivated as 11 of the 13 victims were black.

According to Buffalo News, Erie County Sheriff John Garcia said “It was, straight up, a racially motivated hate crime,” at a late afternoon news conference.

An 18-year-old, white gunman, identified as Payton S. Gendron, was arraigned and is in police custody.

The US Attorney’s Office announced that the FBI was investigating the shooting, which occurred around 2:30 p.m., as a hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said he planned to arraign the shooter, who was not immediately identified, on first-degree murder charges soon.

Authorities on scene reported that four of the victims were store employees, and the rest were customers. The shooting is also said to have been streamed live on social media by the shooter.

The shooter threatened to shoot himself moments before dropping his rifle and surrendering to the police.

This story is still developing. Check back for updates.

Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage Worsens: What You Should Know

baby formula shortage + Nationwide + National Crisis

Nationwide baby formula shortage worsens as supply dwindles down.

Baby Formula Shelf at HEB Food Store in Cypress, Texas on May 11. [Mykel B Davis/Muscle Up Mommy]

America’s baby formula shortage is becoming a full on national crisis. Parents who use recalled Similac, Alimentum and EleCare powdered formulas are encouraged to stop use.

In many states, including Michigan and Texas, more than half of formula inventory is out-of-stock. Amid medical conditions such as food allergies and gastrointestinal issues, parents are scrambling to find their children’s specific formula and alternatives.

Many stores such a Walgreens, CVS, Kroger and other grocery stores have begun limiting product purchases to keep families from stockpiling available inventory.

Even with such product limits in place, experts and non-profit organizations say low-income families and children with special needs in rural areas will be most affected by the dramatic fallout of the formula shortage.

“It’s completely unfair. In a home where I have twin infants to feed, the product limit means my children will get 50% less food than a home with only one infant,” One mom of multiples said. “As if it hasn’t been hard enough to find their brand in stores, now I have to drive to multiple stores just to get what they need.”

baby formula shortage
Baby Formula Shelf at Walmart in Houston, TX on May 10. [Mykel B Davis/Muscle Up Mommy]

The Food and Drug Administration reported consumer complaints of bacterial infections in four infants who consumed powdered infant formula produced in Abbott Nutrition’s facility in Sturgis, Michigan. They said in a statement, “All four infants had to be hospitalized and the bacterial infection may have contributed to death in two patients.”

The powdered formula consumed has been linked to a some risk of Cronobacter contamination. The FDA says contaminated baby-formulas should no longer be available in retail stores and parents are encouraged to check their home for any possible recalled brands.

A full list of recalled brands was published by the FDA.

This bacteria, the virus that led to the global pandemic in 2019 and caused extreme supply chain issues across the country is ultimately what led to this now baby-fomula shortage and national crisis.

The FDA suggests that parents who have children with special medical nutrition needs contact their children’s health care provider for recommendations on changing feeding practices, if regular formula is not available.

The FDA also says, “If you get infant formula through WIC, do not throw the formula out. Instead, you should take it to the store for a refund and exchange or call the company at 1-800-986-8540 to help you. WIC recipients should be able to obtain a different brand of similar formula. Call your local WIC clinic for more guidance.”

Additional Resources:

Instagram Has Disabled Filters For Texas Residents Due To Laws

Instagram Removing Filters For Texas Residents
Instagram Removing Filters For Texas Residents

You may notice that your Instagram filters are no longer available if you’re a Texas resident, and that’s due to new facial recognition laws.

Instagram Filters have grown more popular to use as an overlay to pictures, videos, and other user generated content, to enhance or change the appearance of original image subject.

As of May 11, Instagram’s parent company, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has removed the ability to use some filters due to Texas’ facial recognition laws.

According to CBS19, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, filed a lawsuit against Meta citing the company’s alleged misuse of their facial recognition technology. The lawsuit states companies like Meta cannot use Texans’ biometric information and keep it stored within their systems without their consent or knowledge beforehand. 

The Texas Capture or Use of Biometric Identifier Act is broken as filters learn a user’s face and can automatically tag or associate a person with an image, typically without the consent of the user being tagged. 

As a result of these new findings, any filters using facial geometry, like augmented reality filters, cannot be used within the state of Texas. Filters that do not use facial geometry and focus only on changing the background of images, or image color can still be used.

The state of Illinois has a similar law, known as Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, resulting in filters also being disabled within its’ state lines. According to CBS19, at the end of April, Facebook settled a class action lawsuit against the state of Illinois awarding 1.4 million users in Illinois.

The lawsuit claimed to collect and store biometric data of Facebook users in Illinois without proper notice or consent, which is a violation of the IBIPA.

Texas has followed Illinois in filing a lawsuit in February 2022, resulting in filter features being disabled due to the settlement made with Illinois. Details of the lawsuit are still developing. No decision has been made yet.

A statement from the Meta Communications team describes their reasons for disabling filters in both Texas and Illinois:

“The technology we use to power augmented reality effects, such as avatars and filters, is not a facial recognition or a technology covered by Texas and Illinois law and is not used to identify anyone. Nevertheless, these two We are taking steps to prevent unqualified and misleading lawsuits under state law. We are committed to providing AR experience that people like and the diverse creators that use it to grow their business, without unnecessary friction or confusion. “

Tennessee Passes Bill Requiring Drunk Drivers To Pay Child Support If Parent Dies In Auto-Accident

Dui + Drunk Driver + Auto Accident +
Dui + Drunk Driver + Auto Accident +

A Tennessee bill, known as “Bentley’s Law”, requiring drunk drivers to pay child support if parent of a minor dies passes unanimously in the state’s senate.

According to WREG news, The House Bill 1834 has already passed unanimously in the House and any person convicted of vehicular homicide or aggravated vehicular homicide due to intoxication would be required to pay child support. All allocated monies would be paid to the child of the parent killed in the accident.

According to the House Bill 1834, any convicted person would have up to one year, if incarcerated, to begin payment and would continue until the child is 18 years of age. Otherwise, payment would begin as early as the conviction date determined by the court.

The Bill also states that costs for child support would be determined by the court and would include consideration of necessary expenses such as: any financial resources needed to maintain standard of living for child, the surving parent or legal gaurdian, as well as any financial resources the child may need.

According to Fox News 10, if the bill is passed into law, it would honor Missouri Grandmother who aimed to seek financial restitution from a DUI offender, after her son, Cordell Williams, 30, his fiance, Lacey Newton, 25, and their 4-month-old son, Cordell II, were all killed in a DUI crash in April 2021; also causing two children, 5-year-old Bentley and 3-year-old Mason to be orphaned.

Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and His Partner Announced the Death Of Newborn Son

Cristiano Rodriguez + Football Legend + Manchester United and Portugal star
Cristiano Rodriguez + Football Legend + Manchester United and Portugal star
Cristiano Rodriguez {Shuttershock]

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez announced the death of their newborn son, on Monday.

Ronaldo and Rodriguez said, “It is with our deepest sadness we have to announce that our baby boy has passed away. It is the greatest pain that any parents can feel.”

After their twin pregnancy announcement in October, the couple took to social media in December to share they were having boy/girl twins.

On Monday, Ronaldo and Rodriguez pinned a message to social media, “Only the birth of our baby girl gives us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness. We would like to thank the doctors and nurses for all their expert care and support. We are all devastated at this loss and we kindly ask for privacy at this very difficult time. Our baby boy, you are our angel. We will always love you.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ronaldo and Rodriguez and any family and friends during this time.

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