Texas Suspends Inmate Transport After Capital Murder Escapes, Stabs Bus Driver, Killed 5

Texas prison agency will suspend inmate transports after inmate serving a life sentence stabs bus driver, escapes, and killed a family of 5 while on the run.

Texas inmate escapee stabs bus driver  on May 12 in Centerville, Texas.
Texas capital murderer inmate, Gonzalo Lopez escapes prison during transport, stabbing bus driver and escaping on May 12 near Centerville, Texas.

Texas Inmate, Gonzalo Lopez, escaped during a prison transport on May 12 near Centerville, Texas, resulting in a three week long manhunt.

During the medical appointment transport, Lopez managed to stab the bus driver, attack a corrections officer and made his way into the driver’s seat to drive off. Police officers positioned in the back of the bus shot at the rear tire causing the bus to veer off the road, officials said.

While the manhunt for Lopez was underway, a family contacted city law enforcements saying they had not heard from their elderly family member and urged officials to follow-up.

Law enforcement drove to the relatives home to find family of five dead.

The family has since been identified as 66-year-old Mark Collins, 18-year-old Waylon, 16-year-old Carson, 11-year-old Hudson, and 11-year-old Bryson.

The escaped inmate, Gonzalo Lopez, 46, was killed by police Thursday afternoon after officials found the family of five dead.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice suspends inmate transport after Gonzalo Lopez escaped on May 12 before being killed by police on Thursday.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said Monday it was suspending inmate transports as it “conducts a comprehensive review of its transportation procedures.”

The agency said if there are any emergency medical appointments or other reasons for transport, extra security will be present.

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